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Smart Meter displayed

Heading 2

Heading 2

Once again, unfortunately our government through Smart Energy are engaged in misleading statements in an effect to force through their aim to install smart meters for all households and businesses......but it ain't going to work !!

1.  Approximately 4 million smart meters of the first generation were installed- a third of these devices went dumb with a broken display and some did not allow one to change suppliers.

2.  In August a few years ago, apparently of the 4.6 million next generation of smart meters installed according to official figures 1,700 fail every day.

3. Smart Energy GB claims ....."with millions of pounds of savings that are expected to be passed on through lower bills and energy efficiency"

4. A fifth of households feel pressured into having a smart meter, particularly as the tariffs offered are substantially enhanced as a sop to agree to smart metering.

5. As all  the energy companies "have to " promote this obscene device many customers are getting rattled by the constant almost threat that they show have a meter.

6.Once connected to a Smart Meter could individual suppliers docter the figures as there does not appear that much control is exercised by the authorities.

7. If everyone was on a Smart Meter it would make it easier for the government to amend the supplier of power to specific areas particularly as there was not sufficient power being generated. 

8. Sadly some customers have been transferred from Smart Meters to coin pay meters when the reason is not made apparent to the customer. ie. In the case of rented property the previous tenants have racked up a debt which is nothing to do with the new incumbent.

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