A selection of  random pictures taken in various locations in South England, an area of outstanding natural beauty.---- Please enjoy

Outdoor Natural Beauty
Outstanding Natural Beauty
Iinside Stedham Church
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Comparative Sites

Today we are all anxious about our monthly bills and very aware that it is important to our savings to make correct decisions.

As winter approaches it is very important that we make sure we are not paying too much for our energy, whether it be gas or electricity or  both. We are all in this together and successive governments have allowed many energy companies to  "compete" with our business.


If you are on a standard tariff with your energy supplier ACT NOW because you are paying far too much.


In order to reduce your outgoings we are all tempted by COMPARATIVE SITES  whose sole aim is profit and not your well being. These sites thrive on the commission they earn from the various energy companies and therefore using them does not mean you are obtaining the best deal.Indeed they have been exempt in giving all the energy company deals.

Also it must be realized that the comparison sites are not aware of the perilous state of the energy company they are promoting or how efficient they are when it comes to dealing with problems.

For most of we should rely on organisations such as "WHICH" and you can also visit