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   Fortunately for us residents Petersfield is an ideal place to life situated in the South Down National Park in an area of Outstanding natural beauty. However there are a small number of issues that have either been rectified or may be in due course.

Exit from carpark

Exit from Festival Hall Car park closed
Taking a child down Heath Road from the town to the Lake in a pram , I felt very uneasy when vehicles used this exit from the car-park. This access can  now only be used by vehicles entering the car park. The hedge on the drivers side did not allow sufficient sight of vehicles coming down the road.
After much discussion many years ago  the council agreed it was dangerous

Festival Hall carpark Pay and display sign

An interesting charges structure on the Pay and Display Charges.
Charges apply from 8am to 6pm which is ten hours.  What a steep rise then from 9 hours of £2.20 for last hour !!

pharmacy sign
An old sign which needs replacing

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    Personalized baby gifts Petersfield An ancient MarketTown in Hampshire with a long history - in 1857 Rev Williams gave an address in which he praised the scenic beauty of the a rea. Little has changed in this regard.Great Outdoor Natural Beauty. catalytic converter thefts An example of Outdoor Natural Beauty What can be so lovely as seeing a swan in flight Petersfield has an array of small outlets for the browser to enjoy including Rams Walk but there are a number of areas having there own distinctive take and it is a real mecca for a keen shopper who is looking for something a bit different. Please spend time and money in our lovely friendly town Petersfield is a very friendly town nestling in the newest national park ,the South Downs National Park which stretches from Winchester to near Eastbourne. Regarded for its outstanding natural beauty and excellent walking paths. With many lovely pubs doted in the South of England giving refreshment to the traveler. Come and visit this part of the country .Along the south downs there are quaint individual villages and hamlets with much character and much of the area has been given over to sheep farming. One of the old streets in Petersfield is aptly named Sheep Street. Just off Sheep Street is the Square which was used as a Cattle Market on Wednesdays. You will not disappointed by vising this vibrant community. A Selection of photographs Button LOCAL NEWS Lithium ion battery Bitcoin Price OLD DISUSED ELECTRIC CAR BATTERIES Experience the Beauty of William III Through Our Lens © 2023 by Peter Hodgson. Proudly created with SOME MORE OF MY PICTURES

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Woolworth Sign now requires replacing

a)Why does the Pharmacy sign point down to Day Lewis when Boots is nearer.
b)"Pay at the Meter " signs need replacing

c) How many years has Woollies been closed ?

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Affordable Homes in Festival Hall Car Park
East Hampshire District Council
nominated the area as potential building land after South Downs National Park Authority appealed for sites to be voluntered for development.
Our Council is completely crazy and hopefully any idea of this scheme going ahead is mind blowing after all the money has recently been spent on the Festival Hall itself  
How could residents use the facilities of the Festival Hall with either very restricted parking or no parking at all.


It’s a shocking statistic, but around 30 million adults in Britain have failed to prepare a will.  So too that so many elderly folk do not arrange Power of Attorney to save guard  themselves in case of need.   !!


THE newly-appointed head of highway operations for Hampshire County Council has become the third post-holder to visit Durford Road crossroads.

Previously Cllr Rob Humby, now HCC leader, and Petersfield county councillor Russell Oppenheimer, now executive member for countryside, culture and communities, visited to hear local views.

And like them, Cllr Nick Adams-King pledged to make safer Pulens Lane and Heath Road East; the roads lead to the Durford Road crossroads with Heath Road.     OCTOBER 2022

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